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Sunday, December 17, 2006
How many teenagers does it take to change a car light bulb?
The front driver side turn signal on my car stopped working. So I got a bulb and told my son to replace it. He's driving now so he might as well learn how to do this. But he couldn't do it. I learned how to do all this stuff myself by reading the manual, directions, and/or looking up info on the net. I mean it's not rocket science and this is a smart boy. First he can't find the manual. It's not in the glovebox where it should be and he was the last one to use it! I tell him it must be somewhere in the car and what did he do with it when he was done looking at it. After much arguing, he looks for it. It turns up in his room (minus the nice leather cover). No info in there (other than take it to a dealer, yeah right). So I did a web search and couldn't find anything, finally I looked under Ford Tempo and found some directions there, printed them up and gave them to him. He comes back and tells me he can't do it because the salt air has corroded the screws. I get annoyed. He tells me I have no reason to be annoyed since it's now impossible to fix. Okay, how much do you want to bet when I go out there tomorrow it gets fixed. Regardless of having directions for the wrong car and corroded screws? Because I use the brain that God gave me to figure out a solution.

This is a thing that drives me nuts about my two teenagers, they need minute step-by-step directions to do anything. They don't ever figure out anything for themselves. My daughter is failing science and says it's the teacher's fault because the teacher won't show her how to do the assignments. She doesn't even bother to read the instructions because that would take too long. So she just doesn't bother doing it. And this is the teacher's fault? How are these children supposed to function as adults?

Okay, I'm done with my rant now. And I suppose it's partially my fault they are helpless. But still...


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