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Sunday, February 25, 2007
Movies, Movies, Movies!
I normally don't do these things, but I love watching movies. Used to be VHS, then DVD, HBO, and IFC. Now I've got a DVR and all the premium channels on my cable. That poor DVR is so overworked -- always at about 90% full. And the beauty part is, I can usually stitch while I watch!

It’s been said that allegedly if you’ve seen over 85 movies you have no life. Mark the ones you’ve seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list, go to your own blog, paste it in and put x’s by the ones that you have seen. Add them up, change the header adding your number, and post it.

(Deleted movie list because it took up too much space and who really cares anyway?)

I'm already aware I have no life, however 85 movies averages to about 2 a year for me since I'm no spring chicken. I probably average close to 85 a month, though.

Total: 163 movies out of 239.

I wonder who came up with that list? My all time favorite movie isn't on it. No classics and few obscure titles and some notable exclusions.

Saturday, February 24, 2007
Quaker Garden
I really need to get some more of these smaller designs into my rotation. Maybe I think in terms of "ending" rather than "finishing" which is why I gravitate toward BAPs. You know, I used to have a rule that I wouldn't read a book unless it had at least 500 pages. Anything else was unsatisfying. I gave up that rule after I had kids!

Anyway, I worked on this for three days and got almost half done!

I'm using the recommended WDW and GAST on R & R Reproductions 40 ct Garden State Java. One strand over two fabric threads. I had to cut the WDW in ridiculously short lengths because normal size strands were breaking about halfway through.


Holy Cow! How gorgeous is this?
I haven't been on the Legacy Embroiders Guild BB in awhile. Probably with good reason, look what I found when I was over there:

Mary Beale - Days of Advent Sampler

Isn't it gorgeous? Before I knew what was happening, I was at a screen saying "Thanks for your order". And now I'm in possession of 2 pdf files with 6 charts each. A terrible indulgence, but... isn't it gorgeous? Now to decide on fabric and threads. I might have to go with the NPI on this, because those COLORS! Aren't they GORGEOUS?!!!!

(I think I need a 12-step group...)


Friday, February 23, 2007
Next iteration posted
I've listed the next rotation iteration in my sidebar. I also added some statistics including a timer that shows how long I've been working with my "rotational theory". It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to get through all of my WIPs. I also added some information on how many projects I've worked on in that time. 44 to go -- 29 of them are non-HAEDs, though, and since I only work one of them per iteration... Yikes!! Any wagers on how many years it takes to get through them all?


Tuesday, February 20, 2007
New fabric for Cirques des Cercles
I spent my day searching for the perfect fabric. Alas, it just does not exist. Or perhaps it does, but computer searching and image mockups just aren't the way to find it. So I surprised myself and simply made a decision.

And since I really don't like stitching with more than one thread, I opted for the 40 count. I'm a bit concerned about being able to see well enough to be able to do it, but I know if I can it will look stunning!


Monday, February 19, 2007
Rethinking Cirques des Cercles
Three tries on Cirques des cercles and am not liking the way it's looking.

I think I'll stick with the Fraises du Bois for my thread, but I'm not happy with either fabric. The colors are okay, but the count is just wrong. I also really need to remember that I quite hate Cashel linen. So I'm on a mission to find another fabric, although I'm not sure whether I want to go with a green or a darkish color. Blah. I hate it when a plan doesn't come together.


Song of the Dead Update
I really enjoy working on this one. I'm trying to decide if that's a skull with glowing eyes peeking out of the cliff face or just light flashing off the stone.

Click here for details.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Tree of Life with Dragon
I've been meaning to update, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time! I've also been trying to get to bed earlier. Which has helped with my exhaustion - I haven't had to fight sleep while driving for over a week! Cuts into the time I normally spend messing on the computer, but I guess I'd rather be alive. So, anyway.

I put this away over a week ago. The pattern is by Nostalgic Needle. I am using the recommended fabric (32 count cream Belfast linen) and threads (AVAS) and am tent stitching with one strand of silk over one fabric thread. The instructions say to stitch the outline in running stitch first, but I found that too difficult, so I'm doing the tent stitching and then backstitching the outline.

The colors are lovely, but I'm afraid I got bored with it pretty quickly.

I've been working on Song for the Dead ever since I put the Tree away. I'm about 80 columns away from finishing the next 30 row swath and I'll try to post when I've finished that. I still haven't set up another iteration for my rotation. I'm considering alternating between Cirque des Cercles and Song for the Dead for awhile. Sometimes that gigantic WIP list starts to get to me and then when I think about all the other things I want to start... !!!

I was talking to a co-worker today who told me she has at least 60 pairs of shoes. I almost fell out of my chair! She went on to tell me how she has a pink pair that only goes with one dress, and a green pair that goes with a certain outfit, and how she bought them all on sale... I was thinking that she was crazy and then I realized I do exactly the same thing - but with cross stitch stash. And, well, I won't tell you how crazy she thinks I am. You can probably guess. Particularly when you add in the fact that my co-workers were wondering what would someone buy who had 800 million dollars and I said "cross stitch".


Monday, February 05, 2007
Fell off the wagon with a bang!
Not that I was ever really on it, but I have been so good lately as far as not adding to my already over-flowing pile of stash. I tried, I really did, but in the end a good sale over ruled logic. Yesterday I ordered three pieces of fabric from J&Js A fat half of 40 count R and R Creme Brulee linen, which I plan to use for Paradigm Lost. A fat half of 40 count lambswool linen, which I’ll use for the Prairie Schooler alphabets. I’ll be using HDF silk for both of these - Blackberry for PL and I think I’ll convert on the fly for the PS project. I also ordered a yard of 25 count antique white Lugana, my fabric of choice for HAEDs.

Then I discovered Silk Weavers was having a sale on their Lugana Reflections, so I ordered a fat half of 25 count Sky for HAEDs Hope (the Selena Fenech one). Today I checked my e-mail and discovered that my order from Stitching Bits and Bobs New Year’s sale has shipped! Which means Cirque des Cercles will soon be in my hot little hands (along with a bunch of lovely threads to toss for Rhapsody in Blue)! Since I want to start this right away, I decided to go ahead and order the floss. And discovered that Wyndham is also having a sale. So I ordered the ten skeins of Fraises du Bois Waterlilies I need – hopefully I get at least one! I also ordered Anatolia by Ink Circles, Dutch Sampler by New Zealand Samplers, and the 2006 Christmas ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch (not on sale, but I had to have it after seeing the cutest ornament in someone’s blog over the weekend).

I might as well accept it, resistance is futile. Expect some more new starts from me in the near future.

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