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Sunday, February 17, 2008
What a Week!
I feel like I've done nothing but run this past week. I didn't even have an opportunity to post an update on Taj Mahal. So here's that.

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I spent Monday evening in the ER with my older daughter. Concerns that she had appendicitis were laid to rest. A cyst on her ovary had ruptured, which was very painful for her but non-life-threatening. Although I think the IV was more traumatic than the pain! So Tuesday I spent running to one end of the county to take her to a OB/GYN and then to the other to pick up her contact lenses. The good thing about that is I finally got an opportunity to stop at Sea Needles. I picked up a copy of Sheepish Designs Betsy, which I've been looking for. I didn't get much of a chance to do more than a quick once-over since my daughter didn't want to go out to the car and get a bottle of water so she could take some more pain-killers. I'm not entirely convinced she was in that much pain -- I think she just wanted to get me out of there! Wednesday I had to run around picking up kids so I could take my son to the DMV to get his car registered. In and out in 45 minutes -- not so bad! Thursday I had to run my youngest around to get a birthday gift for one of her friends. Unfortunately, they didn't have what she wanted at the first store, so we had to go to another. Friday was the birthday party. And then Saturday I had to get up to pick her up from the overnight and later we went to a baby shower. It took the mother-to-be almost an hour and half to open all her gifts! Today I finally got to stay home! Oh, and let's top all this off with the urinary infection I've been trying to deal with most of the week! I would have gone to the doctors, but I had already missed time from work on two days taking care of my daughter and didn't want to miss any more. I'm about ready to float away with all the water I've been drinking. In between all that, I did manage to get a bit of stitching done. Nowhere near as much as I would have liked in a seven day period, but some.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008
Boycotting TurboTax on-line
I spent an hour or so doing my "free" taxes at, only to discover right before actually filing it that it would cost $50 to do so. Every time it asked me if I wanted to upgrade for a fee, I refused. Extremely misleading -- not to mention annoying. That's a whole hour I could have been stitching! So I encourage everyone to join me in my now-and-forever boycott of TurboTax.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Tower at Stony Wood
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One quarter done! The faces didn't stitch up so well. What faces, you may ask? Exactly I say. Although they do look a bit better in the picture. But I think I may have made some booboos there. Doesn't really matter, though, since they're background anyway. The rest of it is fabulous. And isn't that dragon a handsome fellow?

Sunday, February 03, 2008
Okay, I just had to post this. Why are some people such idiots? I'm referring to ebay bidding. I need to get a new cell phone. So I'm trying to get one on ebay (of course, where else can you get a cheap cell phone without a contract?). And I was outbid. The problem with this is that the exact same seller has four more of the exact same phone in the exact same condition listed for the same starting bid or less each ending roughly 24 hours after the other. None of which have been bid on! Which just annoys me. Are they stupid or do they just enjoy annoying others? I'm thinking the later since they also sniped it. I guess they could have been using one of those sniping programs and set it up before I even bid on the item -- but that's another vent in itself! So I bid on the one ending next and will continue to do so. Eventually I'll win one.

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