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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Much to Report
I finally replaced the pile of junk I called a car. Actually, it wasn't really that bad. I've driven it for 9 years and put over 140,000 miles on it (in addition to the 60,000 that were on it when I got it). Of course, I don't know exactly how many miles since the odometer stopped working shortly after 200,000. It's been mostly reliable, except for the 4 or 5 times a year it just won't start. Which is what happened this morning. Turn the key and... nothing. This has happened twice before in the last 8 or so months and it was the starter both times. I've been planning on getting a new one, and so I decided to take the hint and once I did get it started I headed to the local car dealer. I am now the proud owner of a 2005 Ford Taurus. Big enough for me and the three kiddos to be comfortable, but still have reasonably good gas mileage.

My dilemma with Cirques must have discombobulated me a bit since I put Beauty and the Beasts on the scrolls after I gave up on that. It wasn't until a couple of days later that I saw that Luna, Sol, and Stella was actually next in line! Oh, well. I will start on them tonight, which will put Goblin Tree in good position for a late start on the HAED BB Easter Creature SAL. Although I may go off on a tangent and work on Love and Magic for the SAL. Lovely creatures in that one.

And here's a new scan of Flower Power, which was shunted aside when the disappointing Cirque fabric arrived. I didn't get very much done, only 7 more of the foxglove blooms, but I very much enjoyed working on it, so perhaps we'll be seeing it a bit more often.

I also wanted to answer Gaby's question. The over one hummer charts are available from the Flower Power 2 Yahoo group. You don't have to wait for approval to join and a pdf of the charts is available along with the original Excel files. Much easier for most of us!

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