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Friday, July 27, 2007
I am so glad this week is over
And I hope I don't have another like it anytime soon! First I've been stressing over the whole truancy thing. My son's girlfriend's mother is an attorney who works for one of the state courts so I asked her about it on Monday. The basic idea I got from her was that the schools don't really have to adhere to code. I tried to contact the visiting teacher, but of course she's off for the summer. I even went so far as to call her on her cell phone (which required guessing at the last number since it got cut off when copied -- and yes, it turned out to be 9). I left a message. Perhaps the whole mess will be a blessing in disguise. Maybe I'll finally get some help from the school to actually solve the problem!

Plus on Saturday I learned that my cell phone provider has filed for bankruptcy. A big bummer since I have to do prepaid (although I don't know if I'd have a contract even if I could) and the provider was excellent -- 10 cents a minute and cheap web access. I think I've finally got that all ironed out -- the per minute rate is actually better and minutes are good for 160 days. No web access, though. And it's still possible my phone will be deactivated by Verizon. A big annoying mess. But on the plus side, I finally managed to get the phone in my house working on my new account. Which was active as of 6/15. I had to take time off work only to discover the repair man had already been there and didn't even need to get into the house. Because the FIOS just had to be hooked into the phone line EXACTLY as I told them. More than once.

I did get through most of the first page of Heaven Above, though.

Wednesday morning I saw my doctor. I finally got the blood work he had requested over a year ago done and I am "on my way" to being diabetic, my cholesterol is high, I might or might not have an infection, and my blood count might be low. Basically, I'm either really sick or just one of those people who is a bit outside the normal parameters. I was chastised for quitting the Paxil, but he agrees that perhaps it was keeping me too sedated. So he put me on Wellbutin. I told him I felt much better without the drugs, but I guess he didn't totally believe me. Ah, well. I'll try to remember to take the stuff and it's 1/2 of the normal dose, so maybe it'll be enough to take the edge off without shutting me down.

And now I'm tired of reliving the whole thing. There's more, but those are the highlights. Let's leave it at that! I'm going to start work on Angel of Cross Stitch. Here's a picture of what I have completed so far. Not much. I hope those wrinkles in the fabric haven't become permanent. It has been a very long time since I've worked on her. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle the threads for her. Normally, I put all the threads on Lo-Ran cards (or something similar), but I'd need 9 cards for this project! Hmmm... must ponder...

Yes, I do believe I have lost my mind.


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