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Sunday, July 20, 2008
They grow up so fast, don't they?
Today I sent my baby off to camp for the first time. She has been my constant companion for the last three years, with only an occasional overnight at a friends. I was looking forward to some blessed solitude (seeing how the older two are rarely at home anymore). But I find I'm missing her much more than I had anticipated. We had thought she'd be the one who got home sick, but she was so excited I had to remind her to give me a hug and kiss goodbye! There she is sitting in the truck all ready to go. I'm just glad time goes by so fast. Before I know it she'll be back brimming with her adventures. I just wonder how she's doing. *sigh*

And here is a little friend who came over to say goodbye to her as well. I looked out the front door and I spotted him crossing the road. By the time we got out there, he was half-way across the yard. I thought turtles were supposed to be slow! I also was really surprised by the size of his claws. Randi says the things on his back are barnacles. And who am I to gainsay her? She is, after all, the turtle expert in the family.

And seeing how I had the camera out, I decided to torture my older daughter by taking pictures of her as she drove off for work. This is only the second time she's driven on her own and I wanted to record it for posterity. (And also for my insurance, you know, just in case). Fortunately, she's a very conscientious driver and fully understands that a car is a lethal weapon and some people are really stupid when they get behind the wheel. Still, I bite my nails until I know she's arrived safely at her destination.

My children are simply growing up too fast for my taste!

And so I find solace in stitching. Here is Bubble Flower. There was an awful lot of confetti in that bit, but the result is simply amazing. I just love seeing the artwork slowly coalesce as I work my way across the chart.


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