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Sunday, June 03, 2007
The Tower of Stony Wood - Week 3
I did 50 rows of one and a half pages this week (about 5800 stitches) due to only working one day. Monday was a holiday here in the US and I stayed home with my daughter Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It turns out she has strep throat. She didn't have a fever, so I was very surprised when the doctor told me. She complained that her head, stomach, and throat hurt, but she was pretty much her normal self. Except she didn't complain about being hungry every 5 minutes and she mostly stayed in bed or on the couch reading, watching TV, and playing her Gameboy. Normally she's bouncing all over the place. She didn't even go outside to play on Sunday or Monday. I'm glad now I didn't make her go to school, although I felt bad waiting until Friday to take her to the doctor. Now I'm worried that I have it, since my throat has been bothering me off and on since Thursday. And fairly badly last night, but not so much today. When I asked about picking it up from her the doctor said it was unlikely because of my not having the receptors or at least that's what it sounded like he said.

Anyway, enough about that. Here's The Tower of Stony Wood. A bit over half way across the top.

I'm almost to the dragon's head, which I'm looking forward to stitching.

Today will be the twelfth day off my meds and things seem to be okay. Although I think my experience at work on Tuesday and a desire not to have to deal with that again contributed to my decision to allow my daughter to stay home. I am having trouble with my sleep patterns again, though. But that has ever been the case with me, so I'm not too concerned about it at this point. The good news is that I picked up my house yesterday for the second week in a row and even managed to do a bit more than the week before. Then I went to the store and the pool. I normally don't move on the weekend. I also find that I'm losing patience with my two older kids, although not losing control and screaming or anything, I just find that their whining and complaining is annoying me much more than usual. On the flip side, I've had more patience with my younger daughter, who seems to be constantly interrupting what I'm doing because she needs/wants this, that, or the other. I don't believe I've yelled at her when she does that since I stopped taking the meds. Instead, I've been getting up and helping her. I'm ridiculously proud of that, isn't that sad?



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