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Sunday, August 02, 2009
Holy Cow What a Weekend
I had hoped to finish Victory today but, alas, that was not to be.

On Friday night I got a call from my daughter. She lost the key to her car and needed me to pick her up when she got off work at eleven. She had been told by a lock smith that her key had a chip in it and she would have to go to a dealer to get it replaced. So Saturday she takes my car and ends up having to drive down to Salisbury. Turns out there was not chip and the key was less than $20.

So we're all set right? But no. On the way home she was involved in a minor fender bender. A very old man in a pickup with a cap hit her in the front fender when he decided he needed to get over to the right and apparently didn't bother to look or couldn't see. She calls me hysterical because the old guy was yelling at her, telling her it was her fault, and refused to take her insurance information until the police officer arrived. She didn't get a ticket or anything and the damage was cosmetic. My car got the worst of it with a fairly large dent right behind the driver side headlight along with a lot of red and black paint. Okay, so I'm not too happy, but nobody was hurt and my car is pretty much fine.

On to today when she again calls me hysterical. Crying so hard I can't understand her, but I finally manage to make out her saying she's never going to drive again. We had some pretty bad storms today and she was on her way home and either hydroplaned or hit a patch of water. She says she wasn't going that fast (which the witness who stopped to help her also said). But after what happened yesterday, I think she panicked and was so concerned about not hitting an on-coming car that she way overcompensated and ended up doing a 180 and slammed her car into a ditch. Hard enough that she couldn't get the driver's door open and the back end is somewhat buried. They took her to the hospital because she's a teeny thing and she must have hit the door fairly hard when the side of the car hit the side of the ditch. Thank God she's okay, though. They sent her home with a knee and ankle brace and told her to stay off her feet for a couple of days. It could have been much worse and has been for a couple of teens that we know (who recently lost their lives in similar accidents).

So, almost no stitching done. What with all the driving to and fro and worrying. And hopefully we're done with all the high drama for awhile.


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