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Sunday, March 27, 2011
Abysmal Progress
I didn't make much progress on anything the last couple of weeks. Although I did finish the first page of Peace. I've decided to work a page at a time from top to bottom. There is so much to this design and I'd like a sampling of all of it. Plus I get bored when working on bore-ders. I'm enjoying it again, though. It's going to be huge and I'll never be able to afford to frame it, but on the other hand I'll probably never get it finished so why worry about that now?

And then came Triple Town, which is a game for the Kindle. An extremely addictive game for the Kindle. For about a week I was playing it every chance I got and my stitching progress suffered accordingly. I think I'm over it now and have myself down to four or five games a day.

The project that really suffered from my game frenzy was Peacock Garden. I only managed to finish about half of one of those whatever you call those things. I think the next time around on this one I may work on the peacocks. Did I mention how quickly I lose interest when stitching the same thing over and over again? I probably shouldn't do the Chatelaines, but they are just so beautiful!

I also lost a Saturday to the Middle School Visitation Day at the University of Delaware. Neither my daughter nor I got much out of it. "They" can tell us all "they" want that middle school kids need to start thinking about college, but personally I think that's way too soon. The parent portion, though, was quite worthwhile (for someone who doesn't already have kids in college and happens to work in the Admissions Office at the local community college). Parents definitely need to be thinking about college while their kids are in middle school.

And speaking of school -- I'm proud to report my youngest daughter has been invited to participate in Academic Challenge for both math and English. Academic Challenge students come to the college campus once a week and take advanced classes.

Finally, I did some work on Pheonix 1. Again, not the kind of progress I'm used to. The Triple Town obsession was still in full force when I started it, so hopefully this drop in productivity is an aberration.


I love the colors of Peace.

By Blogger Cathy, at 4:38 PM  

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