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Saturday, August 05, 2006
Rotational Theory
Since I have 65 active WIPs plus another 35 or so fully kitted WIP wannabes and I'm horribly impulsive (like you couldn't figure that out!) and unable to stick to a simple 1-65 rotation AND am unable to remove any of my lovelies from said rotation, I have had to work out some way of ensuring that everyone get a turn while allowing me to give special attention to those who are currently screaming the loudest. And, oh yes, I would like to finish something once in a while as well. And so was born my rotational theory. Which I actually managed to stick to for a whole month. Well, mostly. The poor dear in the final slot (which was one of my favorites, even) was sorely neglected. After actually finishing something I was feeling entitled to do whatever I pleased and resented being "forced" to work on a certain thing.

I did a little rearranging so that after the finishing slot I allowed myself to work on whatever I pleased. And wahlah!

First, all my WIPs are divided into two main categories. HAEDs (30) and Everything Else (35). The plan is to get to each of these at least once before starting the whole thing over again. It will likely take years but at least I can pretend I have no UFOs. I also have two designations which get special attention: BAPs and Favorites. Again, I plan to go through all the ones in a certain designation before starting over with that designation. I plan to rotate each project for 4 days and have 7 slots which should get me through a round each month. So for August:

1. Anything goes - Land of Enchantment (HAED)
2. Favorite - Babysitting (HAED)
3. Non-HAED - Noah's Sub (Stoney Creek)
4. HAED - Princess Asleep
5. Favorite - Rose Tinted (HAED)
6. BAP - Bookkeep (HAED)
7. Finish - Peacock Majesty (Just Nan)

Hopefully this will be flexible enough that I can stick to it without resentment and structured enough that the anxiety that mounts with a screaming rotation of 65 projects will be alleviated. Very HAED-heavy, but I've been feeling a bit deprived and the withdrawl certainly contributed to the neglect my poor Houses of Hawk Run Hollow received.

If you're not an obsessional stitcher you're probably wondering why the men in the white jackets haven't come to get me a long time ago. But those of you are, you know exactly what I mean!



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