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Sunday, December 15, 2013
And back to my darling
I've finally hit the half-way point on Darkling Mini.  She is stitching up very well and I'm seriously considering swapping out a couple of my other projects for their mini version.  That way I still get the pleasure of stitching them and might actually also get to finish them! 

I'm also dying to start Treasure Hunt Bookshelf.  The only question is do I go for the enormous version or the simply very large version?  Michelle posted a mock up of the bottom corner of each on Heaven and Earth Designs Facebook page and I have to say I'm leaning toward the enormous one.  Just what I need, another project that I probably will not be able to finish in my lifetime.

And this brings up a question that Cathy asked.  How to handle all that fabric?  I have a StitchMate floor stand (which I absolutely love, but sadly the gentleman who made them has passed away) and a Lokscroll frame.  I love this thing, the largest size the have is 30" and everything fits on them except Peace, Flower Power, and Hannah Lynn Montage. For those I have tried a variety of things.  I purchased a couple of 48" dowels and was using clamps from my q-snaps to attach the fabric and the sidebars that came with the floor stand (you stick the ends of the rods through holes in the sidebar and then tighten it down).  That worked okay enough for Peace (although I damaged the q-snap clamps since they weren't quite big enough), but it was nigh impossible to roll up Hannah Lynn since you need a couple of inches clearance at each side to grab.  Then I found some 48" scroll rods with the No Baste velcro from American Dream Products and decided to give them a try, but it was really hard getting the fabric tight enough.  I might try them again when I'm down to the second row of pages and can roll some of the top fabric around the rod.

Ultimately, I end up back with the q-snap frames.  I twist up all the excess fabric and gather it together in a pony tail holder to keep it contained and out of the way. 


Gorgeous progress! Love

By Blogger Kate, at 2:49 PM  

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